Главная О компании Новости Вышла статья Олега Варламова в журнале International Review of Automatic Control (IREACO) (Q2 Скопус) "Wi!Mi Expert System Shell – A Novel Tool To Build Knowledge-Based Systems"

Expert systems (ES) are very effective tools to solve various complex problems that normally require human intelligence. In fact, these systems emulate a human expert decision-making process. However, development of ES from scratch is a tedious and costly process. In this article a novel ES building tool Wi!Mi is proposed.



At the very beginning of the development of research in the field of artificial intelligence (in the 1950s), scientists faced the "dimensional curse" when the problems of logical inference and automatic construction of algorithms were solved by a complete search having NP-complete computational complexity, for example, in the study of the General Problem Solver . This tool belongs to the class of so-called ES shells – programs that allow significantly simplify and accelerate the ES development process. It uses a novel knowledge representation mechanism based on bipartite graphs and the significantly improved but simple inference engine, which is able to process large systems involving millions of variables in just a few seconds. In this article, introduce the theoretical basis and inner workings of Wi!Mi using several examples from totally different subject domains is introduced. Finally, it was evaluated by testing on the prototype up to 3 million of variables and rules.

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