Logical artificial intelligence

Presentation on mivar-based technologies and their place in the world of artificial intelligence is available on the link

Mivar computations as a scientific field began developing in the 80’s years of the 20th century. Developers faced a challenge of reducing the requirements for computational systems by using more sophisticated mathematical models.

Three pillars of mivar technologies are innovative multi-dimensional databases, a unique mivar algorithm of information processing and a conceptual cognitive model of objects description and their relations.

Mivar-based technologies comprise the basis for evolutionary leap in robotic systems development: ranging from mechanical manipulators and simple mechanisms to reasoning systems and their social cooperation.

1985Basic mivar principles were formulated
1993The term «mivar» was introduced
1997The foundations of mivar information space building were developed
2002The code of mivar computation theory was drawn up
2009Mivar experimental system was designed
2012First mivar application systems were introduced
2015There has been introduction of industrial systems developed on mivar principles
The company “Mivar” will attend the National Supercomputer forum- 2016 (NSСF-2016)

The company “Mivar” will take part in the Fifth National Supercomputer forum-2016 (NSСF-2016) which is to be held from 29 November to 2 December 2016 in Pereslavl-Zalessky (Yaroslavl region).

Logical artificial intelligence will improve business processes

The team of the company “Mivar” attended VII All-Russian conference “Revenue Assurance, Fraud, InfoSecurity & Risk Management”. Head of analytical department, Pavel Chernyshev, presented the report “Application of mivar-based technologies in Revenue Assurance segment”.