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Mivar – is the smallest structural element of discrete information space. Within mivar model it describes an object with regard to all its connections both real and potential. It is used in the process of developing artificial intelligence (AI) for semantic analysis and adequate translation of humanitarian, gnoseological and axiological principles. The Mivar model allows AI to preserve dynamic balance and overcome contradictions efficiently. In case conditions change, AI developed on mivar principles will solve the set task again in real time. Moreover, AI will perform it without involvement of a human operator.

Mivar is described by means of VSO formula in which V denotes an object or a thing, S stands for object properties, O denotes a variety of relations with other objects of a certain subject area. In addition, the category “Relations” can describe dependencies of any complexity level: formulas, logical transitions, text expressions, functions, services, computational procedures and even neural networks. Such a wide range of capabilities complicates interconnections description in the process of modeling, but allows us to take into account all the factors. Mivar computations use mathematical logic apparatus. In a simplified form calculations can be reduced to the implication expressed in a formula “If…, then…”. The result of mivar modeling can be represented in the form of a bipartite graph connecting two multitudes of objects - input objects and resulting objects.

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