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The company «Mivar» jointly with MADI have introduced an autonomous car, the control system of which is integrated with logical artificial intelligence «Razumator» at the International Forum «Intelligent Transport Systems of Russia».


Within the framework of the forum, the company «Mivar» and Moscow automobile and road construction state technical university (MADI) have introduced an autonomous car developed on the basis of typical Chevrolet Orlando model. Researchers of MADI have developed a vehicle control system with an embedded decision-making module that is designed on the basis of mivar technologies. The use of the software module «Razumator» has extended the functionality of control system and, consequently, increased capabilities of the autonomous car.

The module «Razumator» is software embedded in vehicle control system that collects data from all the sensors and video cameras of the car, as well as information system. The module analyses information about tasks, traffic situation and makes autonomous decisions within the embedded picture of the world: plans the route and navigates without human involvement. Moreover, the system will seamlessly operate in a constantly changing environment in real time.

«Certainly, not all the tasks have been solved yet, and there is still a lot of work to do. Nevertheless, we have demonstrated capabilities of logical artificial intelligence. It was our first experience of applying mivar-based technologies to developing autonomous vehicle control systems. However, I am convinced that «Razumator» will not only be able to control a car in a few years, but also pass traffic laws exams and obtain driving licence», — Oleg Varlamov, doctor of technical science, president of the company «Mivar» says.

The team Mivar has received a diploma of The International forum Intelligent Transport Systems of Russia
The team «Mivar» has received a diploma of The International forum «Intelligent Transport Systems of Russia».