Home Company News  The company «Mivar»: «Razumator» is intelligence for military robots

The company «Mivar» has introduced a software intellectualization platform «Roborazum» for robotic suites and autonomous robots at the II International military and technical forum «Army-2016».

The company has introduced a test version of the software platform «Roborazum» within the framework of the forum, which took place in the «Patriot» Congress and Exhibition Centre (Kubinka, Moscow region) on September 6-11, 2016. The platform has been designed on the basis of logical artificial intelligence based on mivar-oriented technologies. «Razumator» can be applied to intellectualization of both civil and military robotic suites.

«Low intellectualization level is the last factor that constrains robotics development. When this constraint is removed, the application of robots will be widespread. Our platform is designed to solve tasks of autonomous adaptive control and extends the scope of application of artificial intelligence systems. «Roborazum» allows us to make robots autonomous, which can be controlled remotely», Oleg Varlamov, doctor of technical science, president of the company «Mivar» says.

The platform «Roborazum» can be integrated with already existing control systems for robots and robotic suites. For example, the use of the platform allows us to intellectualize consumer, commercial and service robots as well as robotics of special purpose. Moreover, the platform can be used as a basis for developing multitier robot team control systems, including different classes of robots: intelligent situation centres, tactical autonomous robots, UAV, diversified sets of robot-sensors.

Within the forum «Army-2016», models were represented at Mivar company’s stand, which demonstrated the application of the platform «Roborazum» in the field: establishing a wireless network on the basis of autonomous communications robots working in a group, interaction within a tactical group, including anthropomorphic robot, intelligence bot squad and multicopter.