Home Company News  The company “Mivar” is an ambitious start-up!

The company “Mivar” has been distinguished as an ambitious Russian start-up at the meeting of representatives of large business organized by the company Dell EMC and publishing house Rusbase.

Mivar was called a company capable of changing traditional way of business on the market at the event related to the impact of start-up ideology on traditional markets. Participants of the meeting think that artificial intelligence is one of the areas where breakthrough technologies can appear, which will transform the outside world.

“Logical artificial intelligence is a product of domestic mathematical school, the use of which will allow us to transform many sectors. Being a startup, we lack resources yet to implement all the advantages of our development at once. We realize that the scope of logical artificial intelligence application is wide, however, implementation of large-scale projects requires considerable investments in development of new products”, says Oleg Varlamov, doctor of technical science, president of the company “Mivar”.

The participants of the meeting noted that more than 70 percent of representatives of large companies express concerns over startup activity, and 50 percent are confident that their business has already been affected by startup activity.

The following representatives attended the meeting: Sergey Karpov, vice president of Dell EMC Russia and the CIS, Nicolas Gutierrez, managing director of Accenture, Alexander Dolgin, founder of Urban Group, Andrew Gromkovsky, managing Director of “Twentieth Century Fox”, Alexey Larin, CEO of “Makronomika.ru”, Vladimir Korovkin, director of innovation laboratory and digital technologies “Skolkovo”, Boris Shcherbakov, CEO of Dell EMC Russia and the CIS and Oleg Varlamov, president of the company “Mivar”, doctor of technical science.