Home Company News  The company “Mivar” has demonstrated capabilities of KESMI 2.1 at the Skolkovo.AI conference

The company “Mivar” has demonstrated capabilities of KESMI 2.1 at the Skolkovo.AI conference.

The company “Mivar” attended the Skolkovo.AI conference on artificial intelligence organized by the Skolkovo Foundation. Within the conference experts of the company demonstrated capabilities of expert system designer KESMI 2.1 for controlling a robot-manipulators team.

Moreover, other products of the company: Tel!Mi semantic platform and the control system for autonomous robots and robotic suites “ROBORAZUM” were represented at the stand of the company “Mivar”.

“Robotization is rapidly developing, sometimes in everyday life we don't even realize that we deal with artificial intelligence, rather than a real human. We communicate with chatbots, speak with voice systems, use web crawlers, intelligent systems help us to control a car better and etc. In the future there going to be a greater number of such systems. We have developed logical artificial intelligence in our company, which extends the application area of reasoning systems”, says Oleg Varlamov, doctor of technical science, president of the company “Mivar”.

KESMI, Mivar expert system designer, is a tool for developing knowledge models with unlimited number of connections, parameters and relations, which has logical inference. KESMI 2.1 can be efficiently used for developing software robots (RPA) or virtual specialists, complex expert systems (ES), knowledge management systems (KMS) or logical reasoning systems (LRS). The basis of Wi!Mi is an entirely new approach to description and formalization of any types of knowledge. The use of mivar logical inference with linear computational complexity allows us to process more than 5 million rules in a second with minimum hardware requirements.