Home Company News  “Mivar” and closed joint - stock company “R-Style”: the intelligence for oil and gas sector

The developer of intelligent systems “Mivar” and large Russian system integrator closed joint-stock company “R-Style” have signed a cooperation agreement. The companies have started to work together on development of highly intelligent solutions for oil and gas sector.


“Mivar” will provide software development environment – “Expert system designer mivar” Wi!Mi KESMI 1.1 for “R-Style” and train specialists. CJSC “R-Style” experts will develop a range of products based on mivar technologies for oil and gas companies. These products are aimed to improve management, control and accounting in the process of production, transportation and storage of oil and gas.

“Representatives of oil and gas sector are actively integrating IT-solutions designed to manage data quality and performance, control industrial processes, monitor equipment conditions, account end product. We have considerable experience in developing information systems for oil production and refining companies, thus we know the challenges that such companies face. The specialists of our company are enthusiastic about providing a comprehensive approach to solving complex tasks such as: increasing industry reliability, reducing costs, improving control and others. We are attracting partners and solutions that meet our clients’ requirements,” –said Pavel Mironov, the director of the department of CJSC “R-Style” energy company cooperation.

“The platform KESMI allows us to develop a wide range of specialized products. Mivar intelligence imbedded in the platform is capable of adapting to changing environment autonomously without human involvement. Together with experts of CJSC “R-Style” we started working on development of unique IT-systems for oil and gas producers. It is already in 2016 when market representatives will be able to assess the benefits that the products based on mivar technologies provide”, - said Oleg Varlamov, doctor of technical sciences, senior partner and chairman of science and technology council of “Mivar” company.