Home Company News  “Mivar Style”: it’s like steampunk, but better!

Moscow graphic designer Kira Skripnichenko has developed an original style for “Mivar” company. Her graphics will decorate the company website, promotional materials and promotional merchandise.


We have developed a unique style along with company representatives. The style steampunk, very popular now, was taken as a basis. A lot of graphic designers work in this style all over world. Symbolically steampunk - is opposition to our "gasoline" civilization, in other words, more environmentally friendly alternative. However, designing our characters we have moved from steampunk. Our characters are more like familiar from the childhood kind inhabitants of the Shelezyaka planet from the cartoon "The Mystery of the Third Planet". As a result, we obtained a new universe where mechanical people are spiritualized,”- said the author of the works Kira Scripnichenko.

You can find the first graphic samples on the company website www.mivar.ru. In future several cycles for product brochures and other presentation materials will be designed. The features of mivar artificial intelligence operation will be demonstrated in a simple and accessible form as well as the advantages of “Mivar” products. Moreover, it is suggested that the strip cartoons about artificial intelligence and socialized robots will be designed.

“Modern mass culture frightens ordinary people by aggressive military robots, inhuman computer megabrain. However, these are simply “horror stories” that have nothing to do with reality. Due to mivar technologies, robots have gained the capability of thinking. But we don’t stop half way and now we are working on development of social machine reasoning, i.e. the problem of artificial intelligence socialization. We expect that due to artificial intelligence the world will become better. And we meant to reflect this expectation in the brand company style,”- said Oleg Varlamov, doctor of technical sciences, senior partner of the company “Mivar”.